Cruzan Potato Stuffing

One of the sides Cruzans love for the Holidays. Enjoy!

The Levantess

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I didn’t hurry to post my T-giving posts, since it is already over anyway. However, as Christmas is on the horizon, this will be fitting for then.

One of the must-haves in my family’s Thanksgiving dinner menu (or any time we make turkey, which is several times a year – we LOVE it and look for any occasion to make it) is potato “stuffing” as made in the USVI.

In the Virgin Islands, this is a traditional side to Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey dinner.  Even though it is called stuffing, it is not stuffed into anything, and definitely not the turkey. It looks like it is made from yams, but it is actually made out of white potatoes, brown sugar, and tomato paste or tomato sauce. It is a savory and spicy potato side, rather than the sweet Thanksgiving sweet potato side dishes common…

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2 thoughts on “Cruzan Potato Stuffing

    • You are welcome! I was happy to find it because I want to give it a shot this year. It was very well written and I’m all psyched up now about making it now. 🙂

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