Do Expats Ever Stop Comparing?

Love this article! Do Expats Ever Stop Comparing? – Barry O’Leary – Columnists |

Do Expats Ever Stop Comparing? Of course not. Why? Because that’s the fun in it. We all do it and for most of us, it’s in tongue-in-cheek. It’s only when we become obsessive with it and let existing differences make us miserable that it becomes a problem. But to me, it’s those differences — good or bad — that makes the experience valuable. Anyone who has evinced an interest in travel from an early age can adapt easily to ex-pat life, in my opinion.

I especially laughed at his comments about queue (line) jumping: “They [the locals] seem to think that asking a ‘quick question’ to the bank cashier, or steaming in when a new till opens up in a supermarket is not putting anyone out”.  I thought we only had that problem in the UAE. It’s the most annoying thing ever.

With globalization, international moves are more common than ever. And with the world’s unstable economies, it’s a very real possibility for many. In one stroke anyone can lose their job and be faced with accepting a job abroad. Some move for work, some for love, and some just for the adventure — or all three. Sometimes we end up staying longer than expected, but most eventually come homeor move to another exciting destination. 🙂

One thing for sure is you develop a hunger for even more travel and new experiences — wondering what else is out there waiting for me?

When Z asks me where would you like to live next (if we have a say)? My answer: Anywhere in Europe!



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