Butter Chicken 101

As much as this island girl loves her Caribbean food, the beautiful thing about living here is having the opportunity to relish in all the international dishes available just about everywhere you turn. I love Butter Chicken so I decided to make my own! Turned out to be easy peasy and even yummier than the local restaurants.

So the story goes that this now popular Indian dish (called Murgh Makhni in Hindi) has its roots in Moti Mahal Restaurant in New Delhi, where a chef first prepared it for a VIP patron who wanted “some” chicken dish. It took off and became a world-renowned Indian favorite.

So here goes my picture story instructions…


I used store bought chicken paste and pretty much followed their suggestion in the cooking process. The only difference is I used ghee instead of regular butter so I can get a more authentic Indian flavor.


First, you brown the pre-seasoned (with salt and pepper) cubed chicken breasts. I use fresh, local chicken most times here. Heat the ghee and brown the chicken for about 5 minutes on each side. 


Add your paste, cream, and water. Stir and bring down the heat a little bit to a nice simmer and let it cook through. You will immediately see the bright colors come to life and get really eager to eat your dinner! Breathe in the aromas. You will smile and grab the camera to take pictures.  Note: If you are lactose intolerant or are avoiding dairy products, try substituting cashew butter or paste.


When it’s cooked through, sprinkle cilantro and viola! All done!


Serve with hot, fragrant jasmine rice. It can also be paired with some Naan bread as a replacement or on the side to mop up the last bit of the delicious gravy.


Plate, serve, and enjoy this indulgent treat! Receive those pats on the back by your loved ones!



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