What I Make of Make Business Hub


If you’re in JBR for any reason and have not popped in to check out Make Business Hub, you’re in for a nice surprise. The Silicon-valley, style co-working space combines not only the right mix of smart foods for entrepreneurs, students, and business people on the go, but a pretty cool working environment. I actually first scoped the place out about 1 ½ year ago for inspiration on the one to be opened in our little rock back home.

Work 3.0 at its finest, Make is hip, stylish — yet practical and equipped with everything you need to work smart and be amidst the echelons of people with similar work culture and energy.

For those who are not exactly sure what co-working spaces are, they are (in a nutshell) a brilliant cross between a coffee shop and office-space. The difference is affordability and purpose. Coffee shops are generally noisy and not 100% equipped with the needs of a mobile office, i.e. charging stations, printers, faxes, conference rooms, and presentation equipment. Business hubs, such as Make, offer affordable communal work spaces that provide both functionality and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. I particularly liked the convenient charging stations on each table and a little corner cubby to store and extra items within reach. Neat freak that I am, the latter was my favorite because I don’t like seeing loose pens floating around my workspace. 🙂


With collaboration being the operative word here, Make’s I want to Make_________” board is a perfect chance to look for others’ to partner with on your projects or perhaps even mentor a new entrepreneur. You may need a graphic artist to design your new business logo or maybe looking to partner with someone for a short-term project or just share start-up ideas. Make is the ideal place to seal business deals, collaborate, share, network, and literally MAKE things happen for you – even if it’s just much-needed encouragement!

At best, they are an affordable solution for startups. You can have your working space and coffee too without having to reach too deep in your pockets on excessive square footage just yet – a very green concept to say the least!

I came in with the intent of working for just three hours, but I found the 5-hour package to be a pretty good deal so I decided to have a longer stay. The staff was attentive and promptly catered to my occasional requests. I had such a productive day that before you knew it, it was nightfall and I almost did not want to leave. If I stayed any longer, the staff may have had to make me walk Spanish out of there!







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