Curious Snapshots

One of those English word choices, or maybe a “down under” expression, that throws me off here. So my question is: If I live in one place for a long time, does that make me shiftless? 😀

Cruzan Potato Stuffing

Originally posted on The Levantess:
So, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I didn’t hurry to post my T-giving posts, since it is already over anyway. However, as Christmas is on the horizon, this will be fitting for then. One of the must-haves in my family’s Thanksgiving dinner menu (or any time we make turkey, which…

Caribbean Fêtes in Dubai – Who Knew?

Does Dubai have Caribbean people? Yes! Does Dubai have Caribbean parties? Yes! One of the things that surprised me about the UAE is its flourishing and escalating Caribbean nightlife scene, neatly cushioned by its African music counterpart. Dubai, which has a prestigious nightlife scene, has been described by some as the Middle East’s Las Vegas…